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The Deep Peninsula Dog Training Club originated after World War II under the leadership of Charles and Helen Wunderling who had a kennel in the area. Club members met regularly in a warehouse in San Carlos where Charles, who had been a professional dog trainer and dog handler during World War II, trained club members on Fridays and provided a place where members were welcome to go everyday to train. They held their first trial in 1954 at Barron Park Elementary School. The catalog may be viewed in PDF format at (5 MB version, 12 MB version). The relatively small volunteer group held yearly Obedience Trials and the Club incorporated in 1954. When the lease was lost on the warehouse property, club members still gathered to train together, but with the death of Charles Wunderling and other founding members, club membership declined.

The small group that comprised Deep Peninsula Dog Training Club continued to organize a Sanctioned Match in the Spring and the AKC Obedience trial in June every year. This small group, that was the mainstay of the club at that time, found that all of the work of maintaining the club and holding events was falling onto just a handful of people. The remaining club members wanted to save the club from closing because of the club’s affiliation with the AKC and it seemed a shame to dissolve it.

Rosalie Alvarez was a well-known local trainer who had been associated with the Deep Peninsula Dog Training Club over the years and had organized a Doberman Drill Team that performed in public around the country and in Canada. Around 1980, Rosalie and Pat Alvarez, long time members and trainers for Town and Country Dog Training Club, were approached by the Deep Peninsula club members to reinvigorate the Deep Peninsula club. Rosalie was training a large number of handlers and dogs at her home at the time and when she brought them into the club it had a profound impact on her private training business but was of immense benefit to Deep Peninsula.

Deep Peninsula Dog Training Club (DPDTC), under the leadership of Rosalie and Pat Alvarez, with the new members from the Doberman Drill team and other former students of Rosalie’s, established the training classes at Rengstorff Park in Mountain View and the club as we know it today, was established. The use of Rengstorff Park as a location for training classes was facilitated by Pat Alvarez, a retired Captain of the Mountain View Fire Department. The 2002 Trial will be the 50th anniversary Trial for the club. Rosalie and Pat introduced the idea of color-coordinating the rings for the Trials, making the club Trial a unique and handsome setting. Another member and former DPDTC President, Jill Faulmann, make the stewards' tunics, as well as other accessories with the club logo, for a fully coordinated look.

Deep Peninsula had a Flyball team where four dogs and handlers form a team and two teams race side-by-side. On each team, at the signal, the first dog runs and jumps four hurdles and presses a pedal on the flyball box whereby a tennis ball pops out and the dog catches it and returns over the hurdles. Then the next dog does the same until the first team to finish wins. DPDTC also participated in Scent Hurdle racing, which is a team sport similar to Flyball except after the dog jumps four hurdles, it must pick out its handler’s dumbbell, by scent, from the four on a large tray. Deep Peninsula won the North-South competition in Scent Hurdle racing at the California State Obedience Competition in 1991.

Club members have always been committed to showing the community the potential of well-trained dogs. Over the years, members organized in order to share their pets with the community including demonstrations of Obedience work which was fun to watch. The members and their dogs visited disabled, neglected or disturbed children, hospital patients and convalescent home residents. More recently, the club gave an obedience demonstration at a pet fair in San Jose and at the opening of the Shoreline Dog Park. Also, participation in the Los Altos Pet Parade is becoming a yearly event.

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